EVOC offers a variety of packs and bags for mountain bikers and sporting enthusiasts, including a bike travel bag suitable for road, XC, FR, DH and Enduro bikes. Within minutes, bikes and all their parts are stowed away and packed safely for travel by plane, car or train – see more here: http://vimeo.com/72899125. The months of training for the Absa Cape Epic will require riders and their bike to travel, and Evoc has the perfect product range to ensure their bike and accessories arrive ready to roll off the start chute at the Prologue in 2014. In search of the perfect trails EVOC have travelled the world for many years, while discovering amazing places finding the right equipment was not easy: backpacks and bags, according to their imagination were nowhere to be found. EVOC created their own standards for such equipment with their own high quality and sophisticated products with useful features.  EVOC always keep everything as simple, functional and reliable as possible and yet also offer something that goes deeper – the passion for what they do. The resulting EVOC products are therefore much more than just equipment.


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