1993 – In Italy’s Montebelluna shoe district, Gianni Piva with a long experience in research and development in sport, launches Integral, the first Mtb shoe by Northwave. Preceded by the teaser campaign “Coming soon”, it represents the point of breaking with tradition and the definitive end of the “black reign” in cycling shoes. In fact, Integral comes bicolor, one red and one yellow, like the company logo. Among the athletes stands the MTB world champion Alessandro De Bertolis, the first of a long list.

1995 – “It’s Northwave Time” is the first campaign with Northwave as the star. Subject are athletes like Paola Pezzo and world champion Alessandro De Bertolis riding their bikes wearing Northwave shoes at all times of day, from morningshower till a romantic evening. Never without.

2002 – If 2000 signed the debut of the first clothing collection, in 2002 the process comes to full maturity with a wide range of clothing lines, both road and Mtb. As for athletes, it is the golden year of Mario Cipollini and the Evolution at his feet, which triumphed at San Remo but also entered the legend by winning the World Cup in Zolder.The year 2002 is really worldwide for Northwave thanks to the triumph in the World Cup MTB with Gunn Rita Dahle, one of the company most representative athletes of all time.

2012 – In Northwave we believe that cycling is the sport with the most beautiful community of fans. The Feed your passion campaign message is simple: we fully agree with this passion and we provide the best food to satiate it: our products, photographed with the best of the Italian traditional cuisine. Continues the collaboration with the team, now evolved in Radioshack Nissan Trek. For the occasion, the Extreme is dressed in a special version which colours match perfectly the team ones.



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