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It started with a need to run faster … and further. Ultra Marathon champion and Adventure Racer Nico Mermoud wanted shoes that would help him attack downhills and reduce the shock that took such a toll on his legs. Working with former co-workers and fellow athletes Jean-Luc Diard, Christophe Aubonnet and Sebastian Mazars, the group began to work with an over-size concept and experimented with shaping the midsoles to develop unique geometries never before used in running shoes. For two years the group continued to experiment using feedback from runners and insights from testing. Finally they found the results they were seeking – a shoe that had more than double the shock absorbing material than traditional running shoes and uniquely carved geometry that encouraged an efficient foot strike.

HOKA ONE ONE is the fastest growing running shoe company in the world. Why? Because our shoes allow your feet to move naturally with maximum comfort. They’re surprisingly light, which gives the sensation that you’re running slightly above the ground. Try on a pair to see what we mean. Why run when you can fly?





More information on the HOKA ONE brand is available on the international website at www.hokaoneone.com

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